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In 1898, Edouard Féret wrote of Badette in these terms:

“It has always been classed at the top of the second growths of Saint-Emilion. Exceptionally well maintained, it produces an average of 50 tonneaux of a delicate, soft, perfumed wine, perfectly preserved.”

Parourir le terroir
Parourir le terroir
Marc-André Vandenbogaerde, owner of Château Badette:

“Badette is surrounded by classed growths on all sides. I want the wine to express the terroir. With power, but also with elegance, finesse.”

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“Start from zero and build, that’s what I like. If I wasn’t a wine lover, I would never have got into all that. Start with nothing and end up doing the best possible, that is my objective.”

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On tasting, Château Badette has a black and brilliant colour, floral on the nose, flesh, fruit and lots of clarity, an appreciable length and a soft finish.

Château Badette

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